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Wheels, body and accessories:

Welcome back to Stage 4 of the My Street Car Project. Its time for some finishing touches... !!! This is the fun part where everything now comes together. It amazing how a set of new wheels can transform a vehicle into a real show piece. I love the look of my new ride. I hope you guys like it to…!!!

Check out the following pictures…


Photo's 1 to 7: These photo’s are displaying My Street Car.















Now showing some real street muscle…… My Street Car is now complimented with the fitment of:

a. Advanti Racing 17 inch mag wheels &
b. KUMHO ECSTA AST 235/45R17 Tyres

Thanks to Wayne @ Ocean Beach Road Tyre Centre WOY WOY for cutting me a good deal on this wheel package and for your assistance in wheel & tyre selection.


Photo's 8 and 9: These 2 x photo’s display before and after shots of the front guard side clearance indicator lamps as fitted to My Street Car.



A small, low cost yet effective body upgrade includes the fitment of the VT Commodore model front guard side indicator lamps (lens). These new lenses are a direct replacement with no modification to the front guard required. The result is a much more modern, stream lined style of lens fitted that is well suited to the clean body lines of the VS Commodore. The photos tell the story nicely…!!!

Part numbers required:

Lens-Side lamp Clear: PN: GM-92147758
Socket-Side Lamp: PN: GM92140307
Bulb-Side Repeat: PN: 92077791



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Engine & drive line

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Stage 3
Steering & suspension

Stage 4
Wheels, body & accessories