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More than 6 years later there have been some change's - My new business!!

My name is Peter Day and for as long as I can remember I have had an unquestionable love for all things mechanical. If it had pistons & rings then I was immediately hooked. The addiction started with rebuilding motor mowers & motor bikes when I should have been doing home work at high school and it was from this point on that I new I would be associated with engines and all vehicles mechanical for the rest of my life.

Looking back, I was fortunate that I had parents who were understanding to my mechanical desires as I then progressed to cars and boats and for many years had engines and parts spread out all over our home garage. I have owned an array of motor bikes, speed boats & cars over the years. These have included an EH Holden which was a ground up rebuild and an LX SS V8 Hatchback which eventually was sold off to Kylie Minogue's brother (I knew I would be famous for something one day...!!)

My career history to date has included placements carrying out specialised tuning in chassis Dyno Shops, Research & Development for an Automotive Parts operation, TAFE teaching and a two year stint within the Engine Dyno / Audit & Test facility at the Holden' s Engine Company which commenced on the eve of the VN Commodore launch. There is nothing quite like the sound V6 & V8 running at Wide Open Throttle. Talk about the sound of music...!! Headers glowing red, it doesn't get much better than that.

In March 1997, I I brought a run down business which I renamed MyCar Repair Centre. (MyCar evolved from the frustration of not being able to think of anything else). Anyway, it turned out to be a catchy business name that has worked well for me. Having a passion for front line mechanical work, I finally felt it was now time to establish a career where I would become my own boss and basically have a go out on my own. Whilst running your own business you certainly have your ups and downs however, a stand out highlight for me has included being nominated for two separate business awards. (Did not take the number one prize on awards night however, nice to be thought of anyway).

Upon entering the Automotive Repair Industry as a business owner, I was immediately struck at the real need not only for stippling high quality workmanship but also a need for genuine, honest & friendly customer service. How many times do you hear the story: "I have been ripped off and my car still isn't running right". I guess you can't blame people for branding us mechanics so harshly. During the last 9 years it has been my mission to try and change this perception. I place strong emphasis on customer care and always try to do that little extra to satisfy a client. The rewards are when people can leave the workshop after they have paid there bill and still have a smile on there face or you receive a phone call to say "My car has never run better since you fixed it"

Now at this point in my career I am looking to break off on a tangent and try something a little outside the square. Having a burning desire to improve something over its intended application, I now find myself embarking on this project. I still can't help but get excited about the thought of fitting a set of extractors and feel the earth move with the sound of a lumping cam in a performance engine.

What does the future hold...?? It doesn't really matter as long as I can make an honest living & have fun along the way...!!



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