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Still going strong more than 6 years on



Stage 4 completed


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Stage 3 completed


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Stage 2 completed


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Stage 1 completed


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Dyno Results


Welcome back to the first dyno run on the rebuilt engine. Check out the results: 133.60kw. I am a very happy and very relieved man. The engine sounds magnificent, is running strong and the on road feel has exceeded my expectations. This car accelerates like a missile.

Whilst it has been more than 2 months since the last update, bringing this engine back to life has cost me every spare minute of my time. On the lead up to Christmas, the general workshop has been pumping, so any spare time I could find was a blessing. Many early starts and the midnight oil has been burning.

The engine build stage evolved into a more complex project than originally planned. Making final decisions on various engine upgrade specifications and components required very careful research and planning as a decision made on poor judgment would probably have resulted in a disappointing outcome and work having to be repeated.

Has it all been worth it………… Absolutely yes...!! I have achieved just over a 30% power increase. Check out the Dyno Dynamics Graph. The sound of the new V6 Ecotec delivering the goods at “Wide Open Throttle” just blew me away. Also, at the other end of the RPM range, hearing a late model V6 engine loping over at idle like a GTR Torana is sort off special. Certainly brings back memories of the “Good OL Days”

Nathan, our dyno driver from “The Throttle Shop” in West Gosford advised that this is about the power output they achieve from the standard PFI 5.0L V8 running a single 2.5 inch exhaust upgrade. We are now in V8 territory….!! Do you think this information brought a smile to my face……. “Oh Yeah”

This power output was achieved after only 1/2 hour dyno time. There in no question that with extra tuning and minor development, that further power gains could be made with 140.00kw achievable. However, for now its time to concentrate on developing the rest of the car and preparing more information for the web site.

As this update goes on line. I have already commenced a full step by step build up report including a photo library. This may take a little time to prepare however, I will endeavor to have this report hosted in the next 3-4 weeks.


Engine Stripped


Engine has been removed and teardown complete. General engine condition is great with only minor internal wear noted. Block preparation including honing now complete with basic short motor now assembled (Crankshaft, pistons & rods only). New parts used so far include rings and big end bearings. Camshaft selection is still pending due to ongoing research. I still have some work to do however, steady progress is being made and I am loving every minute of my time spent on this project. Expected completion of Stage 1 build up is early to mid January 2007. Detailed step by step report to follow upon completion of stage one.


Dyno Done

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The Chosen One

We've found our car.

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Engine & drive line

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