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Welcome to the My Street Car project. To many of us, our motor vehicle is a passion and a statement of our individuality. A means to let loose and let the world pass us by just for a moment in the fast lane of society for now which we live. To have complete control over our machine and enjoy the wonderful experience of driving.

However, life is struggle for many of us at the moment.

If you are anything like myself, you work a million hours a week then spend what’s left of the weekend stressing over how you are going fit two weeks of home chores into a few spare hours. Oh, I haven’t even started talking about land prices, the general cost of living and even worse, the soaring cost of fuel. All this does tend to leave most of us a little short of time and spare cash for building custom cars.

Why do we waste the best years of our life working just for survival, forfeiting the very things that are important to us. I am still working on that problem. The imbalance is unjust...!!

Also, our younger generation are now limited to vehicle selection due to new legislation regarding bans on performance type vehicles. Turbo’s & V8's are definitely out...!! Perhaps not a bad idea based on current statistics, however its seems a shame that in this day and age that programs such as compulsory defensive driving combined with attitude and mechanical awareness education programs have yet to be implemented. Anyway, that’s another story. Combine these vehicle limitations with bank breaking insurance premiums on any vehicles that might suggest performance and its simply becoming difficult to own a performance orientated vehicle.

What’s the answer...?? Cave in and buy an import 4cyl shopping trolley... ? No bloody way...!!

For some time I have had these thoughts on my mind and I guess I feel there is a challenge now here. I have decided to select a popular, common car that has great potential for power, safety and style and build myself a Street Car. A car that can be built up over a short period of time at a very affordable cost.

I have given myself very clear objectives:

Primarily, the My Street Car must be professional, provide great performance, sound unreal, goes around corners and stops exactly where you want it with the finished result being a real stand out. The build plan will be simple and constructed to be carried out in a short time frame. Importantly also, fuel efficiency and economy is an aspect that I will be placing strong emphasis on. High fuel prices seem to be here to stay. I will endeavour to achieve an optimum balance between power and efficiency.

Secondary, I have to build this car on a tight budget, make it an attractive package for all persons. My vision of the completed vehicle is one of a neat and tidy appearance but definitely not over done. More the Street Sleeper style with a look that gives little away as to the vehicles overall performance potential. Something that is insurable for all age groups & very street legal.

Interested?? Well climb on board and I hope you enjoy this journey as much as I know I will.



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